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Picasso Sculpture at MoMA

by ASAP_Admin on November 18, 2015

Did you know that you and your family have the opportunity to see an exhibit featuring Picasso’s sculptures – which hasn’t been available to the U.S. in nearly fifty years?!

In fact, most of the public was unaware of his sculpture work until the late 60s. Most of the time, when people think of Picasso, they think of his abstract paintings, but his sculptures show a whole other side to the artist and an aspect of creation that he deeply cherished.

The new exhibition, currently featured at the MoMA, displays over 100 of Picasso’s Sculptures.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the sculptures:

You also have the chance to see this unique exhibit on ASAP’s Holiday Field Trip on December 19th! You can register on our website or give us a call and claim your seat over the phone: 860-868-0740!

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Bank of America Presents Grant for ASAP’s Learning Through Moschen Project

by ASAP_Admin on November 9, 2015

BankThe After School Arts Program is pleased to announce that we have received a grant from Bank of America’s Charitable Foundation! This grant will help to fund the Learning Through Moschen Program, an innovative way of learning that will provide 350 students the opportunity to work with creative teaching artist Michael Moschen, in an exciting environment that will cultivate growth and learning in unconventional ways.

For more information about Bank of America’s Charitable Foundation, please click here.

For more information about the special programs ASAP is bringing to schools, please click here.


Almanac Heads to New Orleans!

by ASAP_Admin on November 6, 2015

Take a peek at what our friends at Almanac Dance Circus Theatre are up to:


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Creativity with Ceramics – Guest Post with Kezia Hearn

by ASAP_Admin on November 1, 2015


Ceramics with Kezia Hearn

How do think students will benefit from your class?

Kids LOVE working with clay, but in the school curriculum clay is normally taught once a year. This class offers students a chance to explore and create with the exciting medium of clay in an in-depth workshop. Students will have a chance to create functional (pots, plates, etc.) and sculptures while learning a variety of clay building techniques including slab, pinch, and coil. Students will also learn how to decorate their work using glazes. At the end of the class students will have a nice selection of finished work to bring home or give as gifts, giving them a sense of accomplishment.

What do you like best about working with clay?

I find working with clay to be very therapeutic and healing. The energy of clay is cooling and calming. It is a bit like playing with mud or sand like many of us did as children. When I work with clay I feel that I am connected to the spirit of the earth. I enjoy the feeling of the clay on my hands, the fact that it is moldable, shapeable, and recyclable. I love that there are many different ways to build and create with clay.

How have you seen art benefit students?

Today’s students are very busy and art can be a very welcome retreat from their daily demands. The simple act of coloring with crayons can bring calm, focus, and enjoyment to a child. Taking time to pause, to look at a painting or sculpture, and wonder, “What was the artist thinking?” is a valuable learning experience. It inspires students to be inquisitive and ask questions about the world around them.

The act of making art is a way of expressing oneself. I have seen many students grow more confident in themselves and their own unique expressions through artmaking. In art classes I encourage my students to use creative problem solving and learn to find ways to turn mistakes into masterpieces. Most of all I have seen students find joy, happiness, and a sense of accomplishment in their own creations.

Join us for an exciting class by signing up HERE


A Movement for All Ages with ASAP and Pilobolus!

by ASAP_Admin on October 19, 2015

Did you know that Pilobolus is a fungus?

It’s a special type of fungus that is able to propel itself up to ten feet when it ripens! Wild, huh?

So it’s rather fitting that the collective of creative artists, Pilobolus, also bear the same name.

On Wednesday, October 21st, a group of participants of all ages will come together and create their own original piece of choreographed art to be performed ALONGSIDE Pilobolus at ASAP’s big event, ASAP! Presents Pilobolus in February.

These are the same group of dancers who have traveled all over the world, made guest appearances on Oprah, the Emmy awards, Ellen, Sesame Street, and more! But don’t be shy! It doesn’t matter whether you have dance experience or not. The shape of the piece will combine the experiences of people from all backgrounds and experiences, to create something new and collaborative, which will culminate in a performance with an award-winning troupe of artists! How cool is that?!

Check out their recent appearance on “I Can Do That!”
Hey..if they can do it…so can you!

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Cider and pizza and donuts oh my!

by ASAP_Admin on October 16, 2015

It’s that time of year again! The skyline is brimming with bursts of orange, red, yellows in the festive celebration of harvest time..which means it is also the perfect time to take a field trip to Averill Farms (grades 3-5)!


Some fun facts about apples (from

If you refrigerate your apples, they will last six to TEN times longer!

The largest apple ever picked was THREE pounds!

Apples are a member of the rose family. Who knew?

A peck = 10.5 pounds. A bushel = 42 pounds  Now you know!

One gallon of cider is produced from about 36 apples.

And there’s plenty more to learn, so join us on Wednesday, October 21st at Averill Farms. You can sign up here (deadline is Monday, October 19th).

PS we are still looking for parent chaperons as well! Shoot me an email at for more information.



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Fencing with Marc Ganych

by ASAP_Admin on October 9, 2015

Curious about fencing? Well, we have a treat for you today!

Check out this video, featuring Marc Ganych speaking and demonstrating some fencing moves in action:

Ready to dive in and take on this exciting and interesting art form for yourself?

Classes for kids AND adults begin next week on Friday, October 16th at Booth Free School.



If you have any questions, shoot me a message:


Pickle’s Place: Back to School

by Pickle on August 27, 2014

Hello there my loves,

After a fabulous summer at ASAP, Fall is right around the corner and school is back in session! I just finished school shopping for the new year where I found the perfect outfit to show off on the first day back (dont worry, I bought actual school supplies too). If you’re looking to add a little excitement to the school year, be sure to take a peek at ASAP’s upcoming workshops, they’re simply marvelous! Registration is now open so be sure to reserve your spot.

And, a sincere bravo to this year’s Summer Grant Program recipients. These talented young artists just finished the pre-college educational arts course of their choice in visual and performing arts through generous donations from people like you. Such a talented group, perhaps they could even teach an old diva like me some new tricks!

I hope you are as excited as I am to start this great year together. Tata for now!



The ASAP Summer Camp Festival was a hit!

by ASAP_Admin on August 21, 2014


Last Friday’s celebration perfectly captured this year’s summer camp theme: synergy!

With a stunning art show by the campers and an incredibly dynamic performance that truly captured the spirit of community (including poetry readings, exciting covers to songs like Problem, a short play of Where the Wild Things Are, and a rock-down-the-house dance performance) the afternoon was truly unforgettable. Arethusa Farm and Sweeet’s made an appearance with some delicious ice cream and candy for families to enjoy.

Stay tuned for even more fun photos to be posted soon. Thank you all for another wonderful year of ASAP Summer Camp!


Getting creative at ASAP Summer Camp this week!

by ASAP_Admin on August 14, 2014


Join us tomorrow the 15th from 12:30–3:30 p.m. for the annual ASAP Summer Camp Festival. Come check out what our campers and teaching artists have been working on the last two weeks. Kids will be performing circus arts, music, dance, and theatre as well as displaying their artwork. Make sure you stop by and grab some Arethusa ice cream along with homemade cookies from our teen campers the TLC’s. We look forward to seeing you there!


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